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Wallet Manager

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The WalletManager is a robust tool designed for managing vaults of wallets. It offers robust management of vaults, including support for custom storage and powerful encryption of all held vaults.

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Icon LinkManaging Vaults with WalletManager

This includes adding new wallets to specific vaults, retrieving all wallets from a vault, exporting specific vaults, and exporting private keys. The WalletManager class currently supports two types of vaults: PrivateKeyVault and MnemonicVault.

Icon LinkCustom Storage Solutions

The WalletManager supports defining a custom storage solution, allowing you to specify how and where the encrypted vaults are saved. With support for custom storage, you can make the WalletManager to fit your specific needs and security requirements.

Icon LinkLocking and Unlocking WalletManager

The WalletManager implements an automatic encryption mechanism, securely saving the wallet's held vaults. This not only preserves the state of your vaults but also ensures robust protection of the stored information. When needed, you can easily unlock and decrypt the vaults using the previously defined password.