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Locking and Unlocking Wallet Manager

Icon LinkLocking and Unlocking WalletManager

This guide will walk you through the process of managing the lock state of your wallets using the WalletManager.

Icon LinkInitializing and Unlocking the WalletManager

As mentioned earlier, a WalletManager instance begins in a locked state. Before usage, you need to unlock it by providing a password via the unlock method.

const walletManager = new WalletManager();
const password = 'my-password';
await walletManager.unlock(password);

Icon LinkLocking the WalletManager

When you lock the WalletManager using the lock method, all its vaults and associated accounts (wallets) are cleared. This clearance is possible due to the encryption and saving of all data by the storage system. WalletManager frequently uses the storage system to preserve its state. Consequently, sensitive operations including exporting vaults, private keys, accessing wallets, and saving/loading the WalletManager state are not possible when it is locked.

await walletManager.lock();

Remember, it's crucial to lock your WalletManager when it's not in use to ensure the safety of your funds.

Icon LinkReaccessing Your Wallets by Unlocking the WalletManager

The unlock method requires the previously set password to unlock the WalletManager and all its vaults. The password decrypts the stored vaults, allowing WalletManager to load its saved data.

await walletManager.unlock(password);

Providing an incorrect password will result in an error. However, when unlocked successfully, WalletManager is ready for use again.

Icon LinkVerifying the Lock State

You can confirm the current lock state of the WalletManager by using the isLocked method:

const isLocked = walletManager.isLocked;
console.log(isLocked); // Outputs true if locked, false if unlocked

Icon LinkUpdating the Password

To change the current password, invoke the updatePassphrase method, and provide both the old and new passwords:

const newPassword = 'my-new-password';
await walletManager.updatePassphrase(password, newPassword);

Icon LinkReminder: Always Lock Your WalletManager

Always ensure you lock the WalletManager after completing operations. This step is critical for securing your wallets.

await walletManager.unlock(newPassword);
// perform your tasks...
walletManager.lock(); // Always lock your WalletManager when you're done

By using WalletManager to manage lock and unlock states, you introduce an additional layer of security. Never forget to lock your WalletManager when it's not in use.