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All guides can be found in the docs/guides Icon Link folder of the docs-hub repo.

The guide content is in the docs/guides/docs Icon Link folder while the example code is found in the docs/guides/examples Icon Link folder.

Note that the some content is pulled in from submodules. To make any changes to the content or code from a submodule, you must make a pull request on the source repo.

Icon LinkStyle Guide

See the Style Guide for guidance on how to edit or write guides.

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Some guides are tested with a GitHub workflow that runs on pull requests. If you are creating a new guide, it is recommended you create a test using the TestAction component.

You can run the tests locally with the command below:

pnpm test:guides

Here is how it works:

Within the guide markdown files, there are TestAction components that are used run a Playwright test. The test follows each step in the guide based on these components and checks to see if everything works as expected. You can find the test files inside the tests folder.

The TestAction component accepts two props:

export type TestActionProps = {
  id: string;
  action: Action;

The id must be a unique string id. The action prop contains information about the action to run the in test.

You can find examples for how to use this component in the docs/guides/docs Icon Link folder, you can find all of the action options in tests/utils/types.ts Icon Link.

Refer to the Playwright docs Icon Link for information on locators and selecting elements in a test.