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Icon LinkThe Fuel TypeScript SDK

The Fuel TypeScript SDK provides methods and utilities in TypeScript, for developing on or interacting with the Fuel network and its ecosystem Icon Link.

Using the SDK you can:

  • Deploy, interact with, and test Sway Icon Link contracts.
  • Bootstrap a dApp and local development environment using the create fuels CLI Icon Link.
  • Generate and import wallets from private key, mnemonic, or JSON and safely store them on the client.
  • Craft custom transactions and mutate them by adding resources, policies and signers and submit them.
  • Generate types for Sway programs Icon Link using typegen Icon Link to give end-to-end type safety.

Icon LinkVersion

This documentation was generated using Fuels v0.92.0, Fuel Core v0.31.0, Sway v0.61.2, and Forc v0.61.2.