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Icon LinkCode Actions

Source: code_actions Icon Link

Quickly generate boilerplate code and code comments for functions, structs, and ABIs.

Icon LinkCompletion

Source: completion.rs Icon Link

Suggests code to follow partially written statements for functions and variables.

Icon LinkDiagnostics

Source: diagnostic.rs Icon Link

Displays compiler warnings and errors inline.

Icon LinkSyntax Highlighting

Source: highlight.rs Icon Link

Highlights code based on type and context.

Icon LinkHover

Source: hover Icon Link

Provides documentation, compiler diagnostics, and reference links when hovering over functions and variables.

Icon LinkInlay Hints

Source: inlay_hints.rs Icon Link

Displays the implied type of a variable next to the variable name. Configurable in Settings.

Icon LinkRename

Source: rename.rs Icon Link

Renames a symbol everywhere in the workspace.

Icon LinkRun

Source: runnable.rs Icon Link

Shows a button above a runnable function or test.