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Icon Linkbalance

Returns the Balance! of a specific address for a given asset id.


owner: Address!

The owner address.

assetId: AssetId!

The asset id.

Icon Linkbalances

Returns a BalanceConnection! for an array of balances for each asset owned by a given address.


filter: BalanceFilterInput!

A filter to specify the wallet owner address.

Icon Linkblock

Returns information about a certain Block . Accepts either the block id or block height as an argument.


id: BlockId

The block id.

height: U64

The block height.

Icon Linkblocks

Returns a BlockConnection! for an array of all blocks produced.

Icon Linkchain

Returns ChainInfo! about the target Fuel network used for the API.

Icon Linkcoin

Returns details about a specific Coin .


utxoId: UtxoId!

A unique 32 byte identifier for the UTXO.

Icon Linkcoins

Returns a CoinConnection! for an array of coins based on a given owner and/or asset id


filter: CoinFilterInput!

A filter with the owner address and optionally the asset id.

Icon LinkcoinsToSpend

Returns an array of spendable [[CoinType!]!]! per asset.


owner: Address

The owner address of the coins.

queryPerAsset: [SpendQueryElementInput!]!

The list of requested asset resources. Several entries with the same asset id are not allowed.

excludedIds: ExcludeInput

The resources to exclude.

Icon Linkcontract

Returns the Contract information for a given contract id.


id: ContractId!

The contract id of the requested contract.

Icon LinkcontractBalance

Returns the ContractBalance! for a given contract and asset id.


contract: ContractId!

The contract that owns the balance.

asset: AssetId!

The asset id for the balance.

Icon LinkcontractBalances

Returns a ContractBalanceConnection! for an array of balances for all assets owned by a given contract


filter: ContractBalanceFilterInput!

A filter for the contract balances.

Icon LinkestimatePredicates

Estimate the predicate gas and returns a Transaction! .


tx: HexString!

The transaction hex string.

Icon Linkhealth

Returns true if the API is running or false if the API is down.

Icon LinkmessageStatus

Returns the MessageStatus for a given message Nonce .


nonce: Nonce

The nonce of the message.

Icon LinkmessageProof

Returns the MessageProof for a given message id or transaction.


transactionId: TransactionId!

The transaction id for the message.

nonce: Nonce

The message nonce.

commitBlockId: BlockId

The block id.

commitBlockHeight: U32

The block height.

Icon Linkmessages

Returns a MessageConnection! for an array of messages for a given owner.


owner: Address

The owner address of the messages.

Icon LinknodeInfo

Returns NodeInfo! about the current node.

Icon Linktransaction

Returns Transaction details for a given transaction id.


id: TransactionId!

The id for the transaction.

Icon Linktransactions

Returns a TransactionConnection! for an array of all transactions.

Icon LinktransactionsByOwner

Returns a TransactionConnection! for an array of all transactions from a given address.


owner: Address!

The owner address of the transactions.