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An address of an externally owned account identified by a 32 byte string prefixed by 0x.

Icon LinkAssetId

A 32 byte unique ID used to identify a coin. On the testnet, the assetId is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

Icon LinkBlockId

A unique hash identifier for a block.

Icon LinkBytes32

32 bytes to hold arbitrary data, usually as a hex string. Bytes32 is the base type for cryptographic primitives like Address or Message.

Icon LinkContractId

A wrapped 32byte hash that is used to uniquely identify a contract.

Icon LinkHexString

A way to pass in bytes as hex data. This is used for variable byte length types. Predicates and predicate data are always a hex string.

Icon LinkNonce

A random or pseudo-random number generated for a single use to ensure data freshness and prevent replay attacks.

Icon LinkRelayedTransactionId

The ID for a relayed transaction.

Icon LinkSalt

Sometimes referred to as a nonce. A unique, random value used to distinguish two things that are otherwise identical. This is used in contract deployments so you can deploy contracts that are otherwise exactly the same.

Icon LinkSignature

A cryptographic signature used to authorize messages and transactions.

Icon LinkTai64Timestamp

A TAI 64 timestamp.

Icon LinkTransactionId

A unique 32 byte hash identifier for a transaction.

Icon LinkTxPointer

The location of the transaction in the block. It can be used by UTXOs as a reference to the transaction or by the transaction itself to make it unique.

Icon LinkU16

Unsigned 16 bit integer.

Icon LinkU32

Unsigned 32 bit integer.

Icon LinkU64

Unsigned 64 bit integer. The default GraphQL int scalar does not cover the range of values needed because the FuelVM word size is 64bit.

Icon LinkUtxoId

A unique 32 byte identifier for a UTXO.