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Consensus Parameters

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GAS_PER_BYTEuint64Gas charged per byte of the transaction.
GAS_PRICE_FACTORuint64Unit factor for gas price.
MAX_GAS_PER_TXuint64Maximum gas per transaction.
MAX_INPUTSuint64Maximum number of inputs.
MAX_OUTPUTSuint64Maximum number of outputs.
MAX_PREDICATE_LENGTHuint64Maximum length of predicate, in instructions.
MAX_GAS_PER_PREDICATEuint64Maximum gas per predicate.
MAX_PREDICATE_DATA_LENGTHuint64Maximum length of predicate data, in bytes.
MAX_SCRIPT_LENGTHuint64Maximum length of script, in instructions.
MAX_SCRIPT_DATA_LENGTHuint64Maximum length of script data, in bytes.
MAX_MESSAGE_DATA_LENGTHuint64Maximum length of message data, in bytes.
MAX_STORAGE_SLOTSuint64Maximum number of initial storage slots.
MAX_TRANSACTION_SIZEuint64Maximum size of a transaction, in bytes.
MAX_WITNESSESuint64Maximum number of witnesses.
MAX_BYTECODE_SUBSECTIONSuint64Maximum number of bytecode subsections.
CHAIN_IDuint64A unique per-chain identifier.
BASE_ASSET_IDbytes32The base asset of the chain.
PRIVILEGED_ADDRESSbytes32The privileged address of the network who can perform upgrade.