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Forc Addr2line

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Show location and context of an opcode address in its source file

Icon LinkUSAGE:

forc addr2line [OPTIONS] --sourcemap-path <SOURCEMAP_PATH> --opcode-index <OPCODE_INDEX>


-c, --context <CONTEXT>

How many lines of context to show [default: 2]

-g, --sourcemap-path <SOURCEMAP_PATH>

Source file mapping in JSON format

-h, --help

Print help information

-i, --opcode-index <OPCODE_INDEX>

Opcode index

-L, --log-level <LOG_LEVEL>

Set the log level

-s, --silent

Silence all output

-S, --search-dir <SEARCH_DIR>

Where to search for the project root [default: .]

-v, --verbose

Use verbose output