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Tests Structure

Icon LinkIntegration tests structure in fuels-rs

The integration tests of fuels-rs cover almost all aspects of the SDK and have grown significantly as more functionality was added. To make the tests and associated Sway projects more manageable they were split into several categories. A category consist of a .rs file for the tests and, if needed, a separate directory for the Sway projects.

Currently have the following structure:

  ├─  bindings/
  ├─  contracts/
  ├─  logs/
  ├─  predicates/
  ├─  storage/
  ├─  types/
  ├─  bindings.rs
  ├─  contracts.rs
  ├─  from_token.rs
  ├─  logs.rs
  ├─  predicates.rs
  ├─  providers.rs
  ├─  scripts.rs
  ├─  storage.rs
  ├─  types.rs
  └─  wallets.rs

Even though test organization is subjective, please consider these guidelines before adding a new category:

  • Add a new category when creating a new section in the Fuels Rust SDK book - e.g. Types
  • Add a new category if there are more than 3 test and more than 100 lines of code and they form a group of tests - e.g. storage.rs

Otherwise, we recommend putting the integration test inside the existing categories above.