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This doc was generated using Fuels 0.57.0, Fuel Core 0.20.4, Sway 0.44.0, and Forc 0.44.0.

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We recommend starting with the Developer Quickstart for a walk through on building your first DApp on Fuel.

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Learn more about the Fuel Ecosystem.

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yarn add fuels

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npm install fuels --save

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import { Wallet } from "fuels";
// Random Wallet
// Using privateKey Wallet

Icon LinkCalling Contracts

import { Wallet, Contract, BigNumberish, BN } from "fuels";
import abi from "./abi.json";
const wallet = Wallet.fromPrivateKey(PRIVATE_KEY); // private key with coins
const contractId = "0x...";
const contract = new Contract(contractId, abi, wallet);
// All contract methods are available under functions
const { transactionId, value } = await contract.functions
	.foo<[BigNumberish], BN>("bar")
console.log(transactionId, value);


Icon LinkDeploying Contracts

import { Provider, ContractFactory } from "fuels";
// Byte code generated using: forc build
import bytecode from "./bytecode.bin";
const factory = new ContractFactory(bytecode, [], wallet);
const contract = await factory.deployContract();

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The primary license for this repo is Apache 2.0, see LICENSE Icon Link.

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